Where Beasties Roam

Where Beasties Roam

The Camper will lead you by torchlight, through the trees and the scrub, away from the safety of others to his dismal tent, cold and isolated. Coaxed inside he’ll tell you of all the terrible things he’s done, the story of a shocking accident that was never meant to happen. And as you sit huddled in the torchlight you’ll wish you never followed that Camper out to that tent in the middle of nowhere, as he unburdens his soul of all its caustic secrets.

Written & Directed by Zoe Pepper

Performed by Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd & Tobias Manderson-Galvin

Sound Design by Ekrem Mulayiam

Up Coming Dates:

Enlighten, Canberra

Fri 28 Feb, Sat 1 Mar, Fri 7 Mar & Sat 8 Mar – 7.30-11pm