The Manic Pony

The Manic Pony

In the depths of the mint, there is the stench of fermenting scalps. Outside the wind is always howling and the rain lashes the factory walls. This is the house where Lyle lives.

Tormented by his receding hair line Lyle begins to devour the scalps of unsuspecting victims in a bid to reverse his decay. His scarred adopted children, Thomas and Lola, lurk in the corridors waiting for strangers to stumble to their bloody fate. Masked as a manic pony Lola takes her pistol and Thomas his blade and together they bring dinner home to Daddy.

The Manic Pony sinks into a love story of grotesque proportions. ¬†Lyle’s dignity crumbles as he loses control over his beloved daughter and Thomas becomes overwhelmed with jealousy. The competition for affection is unrelenting as a suffocating power play spills family blood across the stage.

The Manic Pony was created over a six week development and rehearsal period beginning in September 2006. The characters originated from an assortment of fake teeth, costumes and rubber rodents.

“Where others draw the line this production not only jumps over it but a leaves a mound of bloodied¬†entrails in its wake … its one of the most gruesome spectacles I’ve witnessed…”
Steven Hounsome The West Australian, 2006

Director: Zoe Pepper

Lyle: Brendan Ewing
Lola: Adriane Daff
Thomas/Ringo: Tim Watts

Devised by the cast and Director

Set Design: John Pepper
Design Assistant: Rebecca Baumann
Lighting Design: Lucy Birkinshaw

Images Paul Sharp and Stuart Campbell

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