Lions & Tigers

Lions & Tigers

A drive to a dress-up party in the country gets complicated bringing out the ugly in everybody.

Everyone made a special effort for Daves animal themed 21st. A make-shift lion, mouse, and an unidentified animal pick up a misinformed robot to make the long journey to the remote celebration. On the way they hit a kangaroo which spirals their tenuous relationships into a surreal state of disarray. Hayley is convinced that a dignified burial for the kangaroo is the right thing to do and pours her energy into that plight to avoid her dysfunctional relationship thats not about to end or get better.

Directed, Produced and Edited by Zoe Pepper

Written by Zoe Pepper, Adriane Daff, Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd, Brendan Ewing and Tim Watts

Executive Producer – Gemma Pepper
Director of Photography – Merlyn Moon
Composer and Sound Design – Nathan Nisbet
Sound Recordist – Xoe Baird

Hayley – Adriane Daff
Gary – Brendan Ewing
Marcus – Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd
Clayton – Tim Watts

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Previous Screenings:

Wave Rock Weekender, 2013

Running Time 11min36sec

Images taken by cast and crew