Devil's Gulch: A Dastardly Deed

Devil’s Gulch: A Dastardly Deed

Devil’s Gulch: A Dastardly Deed is a gun-slinging melodrama that brings the classic Western to the stage. Complete with a horse choir and fully loaded train explosion, all wrapped up in a wonderfully black and ironic bundle that will make you laugh hard at the characters’ tragic plights.

Jackson Ryder is the straightest shooting legend in Sweetwater. He’s been living in this one-horse town his whole life waiting on the promise of better things and now the railroads coming to town.

His brother Bill is the local Sheriff. The Ryder brothers are all tangled up in Western love because that Mary-Lou is the sweetest little prairie flower in Sweetwater.

Pistols are drawn when the heartbreak sets in and the brothers’ fight to the death as Mary-Lou lies dying in the dust coughing her little lady coughs.

Director: Zoe Pepper

Mary-Lou Ryder: Freya Parker
Sheriff Bill Ryder: Norman Murray
Jackson Ryder: Philip North
Jesse Kane: Luke Ireland

Devised by the cast and director

Lighting Design: Pablo Fernandez Baz

Battersea Devils Gulch was performed at The Hen and Chickens Theatre in London through the support of the Battersea Arts Centre.

Previous Seasons:

The Hen and Chickens, UK 2009